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IP Teen City - Kids Zone

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Teachers' Corner

Teachers are welcome to visit the following websites for getting more comprehensive information related to protection of Intellectual Property.

  • Intellectual Property Department
  • Let's Protect Intellectual Property - Learning Guidebook
    "Let's Protect Intellectual Property - Learning Guidebook" is designed by the Intellectual Property Department. With the objective of providing a teaching material on intellectual property, this booklet helps students understand intellectual property rights through various interactive activities, and stimulates original and creative thinking.
  • IP Webcasting
    You can view the TV announcements, promotional videos, video recordings on symposiums and public lectures etc produced by the Department
  • Online Search
    You can search our trademark, patent and design records at our Online Search System
  • IP Laws
    For details of IP Laws (For instance, Trade Mark, Patent, Registered Designs and Copyright Ordinances, etc), please visit the BLIS (Bilingual Laws Information System) established by the Department of Justice